Snappy Rewards

If you’re in the fast moving food & beverage business you’ll see lots of customers come and go,

but did you think of how you can get them to come back and did you collect their data?

Snappy loyalty is the digital stamp card.

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How does it work

We design a digital loyalty card for your business to upload to Stocard, a universal app which your customers can use for many retailers, as well as your own business. When your customer downloads the app on their mobile device, they simply scan it on your device to record their visit. When they’ve achieved target you give them a free something and a big smile. You can then connect with your customers to advise promotions through push notification to their mobile. Customers can check how many visits they’ve accumulated on the app.

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You set the rules, we make it Snappy

It’s easy to work out how much to give back to your loyal customers. Take your average spend at £5 means 10 visits = £50. Give them a free coffee, cake or sandwich on their 10th visit means you’re giving them back less than £5 in monetary value, even less cost to your business as it’s a cost of sale. You might want to reward on their 5th visit, it’s up to you.

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