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What is Inspire Loyalty?

By October 12, 2018Uncategorized

A Brief History:

Inspire Loyalty was launched in 2010, providing independent hotels with a branded loyalty programme to save on online travel agent commission while engaging and rewarding guests. We have worked extensively with hotels to nurture the relationship established with guests and to enhance customer experiences, all while promoting and encouraging direct and repeat business.

Our background is in the hospitality business. From serving food, checking in guests and pouring drinks to selling hotel bedrooms and marketing 5-star resorts, there are a thousand and one things going on in your business. We take care of the main one, and that’s providing a first-class loyalty solution to achieve repeat business.


Primary Offering:

This innovative company provides a bespoke loyalty website and loyalty points cards in the hotel’s brand identity, while the Inspire Loyalty app allows members to register, store their digital loyalty card, keep track of their points balance and redeem a gift code for future use. Inspire Loyalty is a technology-focused platform that hoteliers can rely on to control some of the more complex aspects of a loyalty scheme, leaving them to concentrate on managing their business.

Our computer-based interface is simple to use, and staff can easily apply points earned and register guests at your front desk or any other point of sale. This also provides staff with an opportunity to view a snapshot of the guest’s profile. Seamless integration with your hotel’s booking engine increases registration levels by 50% and provides a smooth flow for your members’ booking process while increasing direct business. Comprehensive reports help you shape future marketing strategies, and exclusive monthly communications keep your loyalty members engaged. Inspire Loyalty also guarantee a 24-hour response to member and staff enquiries.

A happy team is a productive team. Reward your employees for their hard work with staff incentives. We’ve partnered with the UK’s best-loved retailers so your employees can choose their own rewards. Adding a staff programme allows you to easily award loyalty points and track KPI’s. Your staff redeem points for retail vouchers when they achieve the target, keeping them incentivised to perform while promoting financial, physical, and emotional well being across your company.


Purpose and Goals

We aim to provide the means to really understand what makes your customers tick, as it is the key to retaining repeat business. Our innovative points-based loyalty programme provides the tools to reward your guests. Combined with personalised email communications, your guests will feel acknowledged and encouraged to come back again and again, just by registering their details on your branded loyalty website or loyalty app. If you are looking for a loyalty programme that has your customers in mind and will keep them coming back to your hotel, Inspire Loyalty is for you.

Inspire Loyalty is dedicated to building and retaining customer loyalty. It takes time to build a customer base and keep on top of nurturing new customers to engender loyalty, in addition to fostering relationships with your existing customers. We have the technology and shiny products to equip clients with an all-inclusive, full-service loyalty program that customers will love and staff will find a breeze. We aim to keep clients happy while saving third party commission and learning more about their customer base from one central point online, without any complex integration with their systems.

Get in touch for a demo and to find out more about how to reward and engage with your guests.