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Hilton Honors Adopt Amazon For Redemption

By March 7, 2017News, Website

Inspire Loyalty secured Amazon as its preferred partner for independent hotels who want to offer online retail as part of their reward for loyal customers. This approach works very well for a corporate base of customers, especially a small group of independent hotels, and it can be featured for staff incentives where the hotel’s own product might not be enough as a reward carrot!

In that spirit, Hilton announced major changes to its loyalty program, previously called Hilton HHonors and now rebranded to the “more authentic, less marketing-centric” Hilton Honors, according to Mark Weinstein, Hilton’s senior vice president and global head of loyalty and partnerships. The new program offers the ability to redeem points for purchases on Amazon. Hilton is the first chain hotel group to partner with Amazon’s Shop With Points, which allows customers to use rewards points just as they would any other payment method on Amazon. “We see this as a more immediate value for people who don’t travel as frequently,” Weinstein said.

Hilton has a portfolio of 14 hotel brands encompassing 4,900 properties in 104 countries. It first introduced its loyalty program as a scratch-off promotion tied to the US Olympic Team in 1987. Now, on any given night, an average of 55% of Hilton guests are members of the rewards program.

“Our goal is to connect with every traveler in a meaningful and personal way,” Weinstein said. “We’re pushing travel to be a lot more human, a lot more personable, and a lot more relevant.”

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