Do You Need A Guest Loyalty Programme?

A guest loyalty programme for your hospitality businesses is without a doubt a worthwhile activity for you to run. If you value your customers, it makes sense for you to thank them for choosing your venue over your competitors.

A way to show your thanks for their business, is by offering them rewards that enhance their current stay or give them a better experience for their next one. You are doing this to show your guest that they made the right decision and that they should come back to you and book direct in the future.

Guest loyalty programmes come in many different forms and will need to be tailored to your guests. Ultimately you decide what will suit your business, but there are many advantages to having a well-run guest loyalty programme.

6 Reasons Why You Need A Guest Loyalty Programme

  1. Enhanced Guest Experience – Having a guest loyalty program will mean returning guests who come to stay at your hotel are never overlooked. They will be recognised and taken care of, making their trip more memorable and enjoyable.
  2. Increased Bookings – Sometimes the promise of rewards or perks are enough to get the undecided guest to book with you. It’s not just for returning guests, but can also come in very handy for attracting new guests.
  3. Cost Effectiveness – It’s more likely that loyal, repeat guests will book again at your hotel directly, especially if you are offering exclusive member offers through your loyalty programme. This is much cheaper than trying to find new guests, saving OTA commission.
  4. Increased Revenue – returning guests mean they have been happy with their experience and are more likely to spend more on extras and additional services too. Proving you can offer a good service with recognition over and over again, means guests will be happy to keep spending money and refer their experience to others.
  5. Valuable Insights – having a guest loyalty programme means you can collect more data on your guests than ever before. You’ll get to know their likes, dislikes and behaviour which can be very useful for future planning and also extremely valuable for attracting similar new guests to your business.
  6. Improved Customer Engagement – The data provided by a loyalty programme means you know who your customers are and how to contact them. You can communicate with them on a regular basis for example by email, keeping them aware of your offers and activity, which in turn encourages loyalty and advocacy for your brand.

Guest Loyalty Programmes With Inspire Loyalty

Don’t miss out on these opportunities to grow your business. We offer loyalty programmes for hospitality that are really easy to set up.

With a branded rewards platform and mini CRM, we can entice your guests to join your unique club, with customised rewards and exclusive offers – a great way to switch more direct bookings and engage with your loyal guests.

All we need to get you started on a 3 month free trial is your logo, images and brand identity guidelines. We’ll set you up within 4 weeks and connect all the components together. And, our member services team will be ready to react to member enquiries, to ensure we offer as good a service as you’re renowned for.

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