Mcginty’s Group Joins Inspire Loyalty

We are delighted to announce that the McGinty’s Group of restaurants and hotel have been added to Inspire Loyalty’s portfolio of clients.

Leading Hospitality Venues In Aberdeen

McGinty’s Group was launched in 2009 and has expanded over the last 10 years, to become one of the leading independent hospitality operators in Aberdeen. Proudly named after its first venue, these venues have been added to the Vantage collection with a further three venues to join soon:

Mcginty’s Rewards

The McGinty Group has a passion for regenerating iconic venues and transforming them into unique establishments that are recognised for quality food and drinks, outstanding service and an unrivalled atmosphere.

“McGinty’s Rewards was created to give something back to our most loyal guests. By signing up customers can start earning rewards and access exclusive member benefits. It’s simply our way of saying thank you.” McGinty’s Group.

Integration With Inspire Loyalty

We worked with McGinty’s Group to create McGinty’s Rewards, their own bespoke customer loyalty programme. The aim was to nurture their relationship with guests, enhance guest experience and encourage direct and repeat business.

We created one single solution which provided the tools they needed to reward guests. A McGinty’s Group loyalty website was built where customers from all of their venues can access and sign up to the loyalty programme. Their loyalty programme was integrated with their branded app by our partners at  Criton and processes were set up so that guests receive monthly email statements, offering exclusive member offers, their points balance and how to spend them.

Vantage Hotels

Once registered, every time a customer wines and dines at one of The McGinty’s Group venues, or they enjoy a stay at Ferryhill House Hotel, they earn points to redeem against a future experience at any venue within the Group and the Vantage collection. The more points earned, the more guests can redeem to spend on a memorable experience. Guests can login to their account to check or redeem their points via the website or app.

Vantage is our consumer facing brand, made up venues who operate an Inspire Loyalty programme. It’s our consumer facing brand to help attract more customers to our clients’ unique loyalty programmes, increasing exposure for them and offering extra benefits to their members.

Secure Repeat And Direct Business With Inspire Loyalty

Inspire Loyalty is an innovative loyalty programme designed specifically for independent hotels and restaurants. We work with you to build your own bespoke loyalty programme. It has a track record of increasing direct and repeat bookings 10:1 ROI, you can save up to 25% on agent commission and enhance the overall guest experience.

Start building you guest loyalty programme with us.

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