Loyalty App –

A Digital Card For Your Business

Key benefits

✔  Simple & Easy to use
✔  Available on Apple App Store & Google Play
✔  Engages customer interest
✔  Real time points balance
✔  Puts your brand in their phone
✔  Replaces the need for physical cards
✔  Increases repeat business
✔  Minimal operational task
✔  Saves printing costs

Perfect for all devices

Bespoke Loyalty App 

We can help you digitise your guest directory and wrap all your customer-facing technology into one easy to use branded mobile app for your venue. Convert every guest into a loyal customer.

Key features

✔  Access to loyalty programme
✔  Integration with payment system
✔  Messaging and location based push notifications
✔  Customer reviews
✔  In-venue ordering e.g. restaurant and spa reservations
✔  Social media engagement
✔  Bookings
✔  Online check-in
✔  Unlock hotel bedroom doors with digital door key integration

Provided in partnership with Criton.

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