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The Sandwich Affect

By October 10, 2017Food for thought, Hotels

inspire loyalty use a strapline which is hotels, homes and everything in between. It really says it all, doesn’t it? They’re between you and your customers and not just at the cost of high commission levels. When you receive a booking from, you can’t extend any level of hospitality until they check in, and even then you’ve no idea of who your guest is, where they come from, their preferences or their wants and needs, so you’re on the back foot from the beginning. There’s no denying the extent of business volume channelled through to your hotel, but you have the power to re-direct this channel and become more aligned with serving your guests with hospitality at the fore. Get to know your customers better, reward them for their business and engage so they know they mean something to your business, all by the simple application of a cost-effective and user-friendly loyalty solution and handy download of an app. Search Inspire Loyalty on Apple Store or Google Play or visit, and see why our hotels are equipped to save commission, return booking control back to your hotel and ultimately reward your customers without anyone in between. Two’s company; three’s a crowd!

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